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industrial incident protection

Our mission is to protect people who serve in a wide range of functions – mining ore, advancing science, serving in the military, acting as first responders, etc. – and in doing so are exposed to acids. These workers build our economies and defend our communities, but the PPE they wear is woefully lacking, to the point where exposure, burns, or worse are simply considered “part of the job.” As our company name suggests, we believe they deserve better.  

industrial safety incident

"Neutralcoat has the potential to set a new standard in worker protection in this vertical."

-John Coniglio, Managing Director, OSEA

Industrial safety wear



When I was a freshman in college, I was working in a chemistry lab. We were tasked to conduct an experiment with sulfuric acid. I was told to be very careful and was given gloves and a lab coat. I was cautious, but even without spilling, I felt my hands burn. I ran to my TA and asked what had happened. Their answer was that, as an engineer, this is a danger I would face my whole career and that there was no real solution to the dangers of acids. I decided that this was unacceptable and decided to start a company to create the first acid-neutralizing protective equipment that pre-emptively protects workers. 

workplace incident protection
Acid protection gear



Dr. Richard Partch is a world-renowned chemist at Clarkson University best known for his work with colloids. His numerous publications and patents deal with organic and medicinal chemistry, polymer chemistry, vapor nucleation and aerosol reactions, nano-micro particle coating and surface functionalization, composites, and waste conversion to fuel oil.

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acid neutralization kits
acid protection mats

Colleen Cassidy, PhD

Colleen is a neuroscientist and advisor for early-stage startups. She co-founded a preclinical therapeutics company developing a modular gene-silencing technology to treat rare neurodegenerative diseases, and has worked with prominent angel investment groups identifying and evaluating high-quality life sciences companies.

Strategic Advisor

acid protection materials
acid spill prevention



Michele knows start-ups from every side of the table: he’s been an angel investor; he co-founded five high technology companies; and he’s coached countless startups as an EIR with multiple venture development organizations. Michele is also an entrepreneurship Professor of the Huizenga College of Business at Nova Southeastern University.

acid protection materials
material enhancing additive



Joe Coniglio, the President of OSEA, Inc. and Co-Founder of Safety Badger has more than 15 years in various environmental, health and safety roles over his career to date. Previously as a Captain in the United States Army, Joe served in multiple leadership roles such as battle captain, Battalion Logistics officer and Platoon Leader in both peace time and combat operations.

acid protection materials
acid spill prevention

raj kaul

advisor in sales/marketing

Raj  held the the position of Senior Business Development Executive for Norsite Performance Minerals. He is highly experienced in business development, sales and applications engineering with a unique combination of business and technical skills. Through his work he has consistently delivered highly profitable growth and harnesses co-development sales models for customized solutions, leveraging innovations in materials technologies with internal and external collaborators. Before his current position, Raj worked in Tribology and Industrial Abrasives in charge of innovation, engineering, global sales and business development. He has worked in 5 countries on 3 continents and has a knack for Identifying difficult customer problems and developing customized solutions.  

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