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Chemical Plant

Provide true protection against
acids with Neutralcoat

Introducing a designer polymer that neutralizes acids

for superior safety and protection

Acids Cause Damage and Endanger Human Lives

[ Military ]

In the Iraq war, thousands of soldiers were injured by acid attacks. Uniforms that utilize Neutralcoat offer unprecedented protection.

[ Corrosion ]

Acid corrosion costs industry millions of dollars each year. Coatings formulated with Neutralcoat can save both plant assets and the environment.

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[ Industry and Lab ]

Hydrochloric and sulfuric acid are leading causes of chemical injuries and fatalities. PPE coated with Neutralcoat can mitigate the danger.

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Neutralization Eliminates the Threat

Designer polymer, Neutralcoat, neutralizes acids on contact, and its patented formula also can be made reusable for repeat acid splash/spill applications.

Workers First is creating products that will revolutionize personal protective equipment for employees working with acidic materials. Their product has the potential to set a new standard in worker protection in this vertical.


— John Coniglio, Managing Director, OSEA

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