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Chemical Plant

Provide true protection against
acids with Polyreact™

Introducing a designer polymer that neutralizes acids

for superior safety and protection

Acids Cause Damage and Endanger Human Lives

[ Military ]

In the Iraq war, thousands of soldiers were injured by acid attacks. Uniforms that utilize Polyreact™ offer unprecedented protection.

[ Corrosion ]

Acid corrosion costs industry millions of dollars each year. Coatings formulated with Polyreact™ can save both plant assets and the environment.

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[ Industry and Lab ]

Hydrochloric and sulfuric acid are leading causes of chemical injuries and fatalities. PPE coated with Polyreact™ can mitigate the danger.

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Acids, in various forms, are omnipresent in industrial settings.  Workers often encounter these corrosive substances that can pose serious health hazards.


We are so excited to partner with Spill Bully to bring a spill kit to  help solve these problems!

An Easy To Use Neutralization Kit that Leaves No Mess!

Neutralization Eliminates the Threat

Designer polymer, Polyreact, neutralizes acids on contact, and its patented formula also can be made reusable for repeat acid splash/spill applications.

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