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Neutralmat™ is a floormat that includes our patented acid-neutralizing technology ingrained onto this floormat’s surface. There are puddles that are teeming with acid in chemical plants, labs, and facilities worldwide that poses a danger to workers and bystanders. This floormat is designed for any space where acids are present. It is anti-slip and can be cut to fit any surface. This product has been certified through UL Solutions (also known as Underwriters Laboratories) to neutralize a quarter of a liter of acid at a pH of 0.3 (similar to battery acid) per square foot.


This Product includes 2 bottles of reactivation solution for use to activate the product for use. When you expierience a spill and wish to reactivate our floormat for multiple uses, you will need to purchase 2 bottles of reactivation solution per 9 quare feet . 


1 Square foot
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