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Personal Protective Gear

Acids are a huge danger for both the military and industry – dangers that go beyond initial burns. Sulfuric acid can cause skin lesions. Hydrochloric acid splash can cause blood poisoning and in gaseous form cause severe lung damage.


In the Persian Gulf Wars, thousands of soldiers endured mustard gas and acid-related injuries because of inadequate protection. Their PPE was heavy PVC chemical suits, and their injuries were treated with chemical baths. These technologies merely act as a wall or aftermath solution. When the wearer removes the chemical suit or enters a chemical bath to rinse off, they are exposed to non-diluted acid.


Designer polymer, Neutralcoat, neutralizes on contact sulfuric, hydrochloric, nitric acids at pH 1 or higher, and with our patented formula and process can enable garments to be re-used up to 10 times after acid exposure. Splash or spill situations that in the past required instantaneous emergency response can now be remediated with ease as acids become benign solutions in less than a minute.

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